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Hi I am a college student that reads and sews in her free time. I enjoy reading fantasy, Science fiction, and the occasional Memoir. I own a Nook and if you want to share lend me books then hit me up with a message
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I can't wait to finish the book so I can see the full movie. :) 

My Sister's Keeper is keeping me engrossed.
My Sister's Keeper is keeping me engrossed.
My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult

While Darcy is away and Liz is contemplating the statements made in the letter that she has just received, I think i'll pick up my sister's Keeper once again. I swear the library due dates just creep up on me. 

So while I wait for my shelves to arrive i'll just sit back and enjoy Darcy's attempt to protect Liz from criticism. <3  

The Princess Bride - William Goldman Mr. Goldman created a tale within a tale.

While The Princess Bride tale deals with love, strength, weakness, and flat out humor. The novel is a fictitious arrangement of an ancient tale wrapped in truth soaked with life and holds hints of death. When I say death I mean more than just actual death; death also applies to the loss of dreams, hopes, and the creative spark to imagine.
The Princess Bride wraps fiction, dubious non-fiction, and non-fiction in one yummy giant sushi roll of a tale.
Unteachable - Leah Raeder

I feel like writing my own flipping review for this novel because later down the road I want to know what I though about in this moment.

First, there are so many quotes in this book that I have fallen in a tizzy for. The good kind. Secondly, the writing is fresh and in-tune with our times. If someone picks this book up years from now they might not understand some references-Lana Del Rey- but right now it captures this time, it's like a photograph among Polaroids. This book is on it's way to stardom. Oh! Did I mention that the writing is phenomenal! At times I read too much into the foreshadowing and though that it was all going down the shoot. I made assumptions and they were thrown back into my face.
I'd built up a stereo-type and I was happily defied.

Main Characters-
Maise is addictive, not only to her lover but US, the readers-at least she was for me-as well. But she's more than just addictive, she's fragile and smart very smart; she's like a never-ending onion.
Evan is a mixture of love, age, pain, joy, and youth. (he's mysterious so i'll let YOU figure him out on your own ^_^)

The plot was riveting, thrilling, sensual, and tender. I was turning page after page after page and I just could not get enough. It explores the good and bad, the unforgivable and forgivable, the captured and uncaptured, the taboo and the natural.

5/5 Stars I'm buying this book in Hardback pretty freaking soon. ^_^

Tangled - Emma Chase A truly Delicous Read ^_^
Outliers: The Story of Success - Malcolm Gladwell Outliers are not outliers.
おじ恋 [Ojikoi] - Kakeru Tsutsumi Cute.
I can't wait to see what continues to happen in the series.
An older detective and his young high school love interest.
Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes
This book is a roller coaster; it's fast paced and your emotions are struck down like pins in a bowling game.
This kind of science fiction focuses on what humanity has already been attempting to do. And because it is so close to reality in a way the reader can identify closely and we become weaved into a tale of humanity, love, courage, dedication and intelligence.

Charlie Gordon. Is someone we have all seen, but perhaps tried to pretend we didn't see anything.

Some lines in this book will stay with me for a long time.
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley This was first published in 1932.

I don't know enough about science to separate truth from imagination. But when I learn more about cloning and the possibilities of DNA manipulation I will read this again.

Brave New World... Brave New World...
It reminds me of the The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

Society and the implications of Nature v. Nurture, that is what this book seemed to revolve around to me. The constant satisfaction of the body and the consumption of mind numbing soma. The oxymoron of Mr.Savage being the most enlightened brought a smile to my lips.

We are all a little savage.

Divergent - Veronica Roth

six and four.

If you have read hunger games, maximum ride, downsiders, uglies, pretties, and specials, or matched or the recent novel the fifth wave, you will like this book.

The one thing that surprised me about this book was that it reminded  me of the sorting hat from harry potter, but the consequences are much more dire.  
It is set in a dystopian Chicago, but it centers on the 5 downfall traits of humanity.
But by all means read it, it is a lovely exhilarating ride to read.
The characters, the romance, the different factions will grip you and never let go. Very action-ie as well.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot This book should be read.

It brings up topics that are virtually skimmed over by society and it's laws. In an age where internet privacy and lack there of is the norm, Henrietta's "donation" to the medical field seems like a pre-historic precursor to privacy invasion. But then again where do we draw the line? Is the individual trampled upon when the community or society will benefit? Will only the rich benefit from society's scholastic minds and their discoveries.
....I just watched Elysium and I just finished this novel.
Read one and Watch the other, there are some undeniable truths in both.
Anyways read this book it will make you think about things usually left alone.
Thank you Henrietta Lacks.
The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey The Characters are well developed, but I with I knew more about the Others. Perhaps in the Second Novel in the Trilogy will enlighten me about the others.

It is very action geared and fast paced. I could not put it down for the life of me.
Mayfly <3. <br/>
Thank you Rick Yancey
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll The possibilities of Alice will never grow old.
Her tale is timeless, and timeless her tale.