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Unteachable - Leah Raeder

I feel like writing my own flipping review for this novel because later down the road I want to know what I though about in this moment.

First, there are so many quotes in this book that I have fallen in a tizzy for. The good kind. Secondly, the writing is fresh and in-tune with our times. If someone picks this book up years from now they might not understand some references-Lana Del Rey- but right now it captures this time, it's like a photograph among Polaroids. This book is on it's way to stardom. Oh! Did I mention that the writing is phenomenal! At times I read too much into the foreshadowing and though that it was all going down the shoot. I made assumptions and they were thrown back into my face.
I'd built up a stereo-type and I was happily defied.

Main Characters-
Maise is addictive, not only to her lover but US, the readers-at least she was for me-as well. But she's more than just addictive, she's fragile and smart very smart; she's like a never-ending onion.
Evan is a mixture of love, age, pain, joy, and youth. (he's mysterious so i'll let YOU figure him out on your own ^_^)

The plot was riveting, thrilling, sensual, and tender. I was turning page after page after page and I just could not get enough. It explores the good and bad, the unforgivable and forgivable, the captured and uncaptured, the taboo and the natural.

5/5 Stars I'm buying this book in Hardback pretty freaking soon. ^_^