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Hi I am a college student that reads and sews in her free time. I enjoy reading fantasy, Science fiction, and the occasional Memoir. I own a Nook and if you want to share lend me books then hit me up with a message
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot This book should be read.

It brings up topics that are virtually skimmed over by society and it's laws. In an age where internet privacy and lack there of is the norm, Henrietta's "donation" to the medical field seems like a pre-historic precursor to privacy invasion. But then again where do we draw the line? Is the individual trampled upon when the community or society will benefit? Will only the rich benefit from society's scholastic minds and their discoveries.
....I just watched Elysium and I just finished this novel.
Read one and Watch the other, there are some undeniable truths in both.
Anyways read this book it will make you think about things usually left alone.
Thank you Henrietta Lacks.